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Episode 1: Dr. Michael E. Bernard: The Strength of Self-Acceptance
Sero Boost: The Happiness Science Insights Podcast is where we discuss all key aspects of happiness with insightful guests, drawing on science, knowledge, and experience.
Each topic addresses an element from the comprehensive framework of several domains and elements created by the Center for Happiness Science. With us, happiness is a journey, not a destination, and we’re excited to be with you on it.
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Michael Bernard
About the guest
He is the Founder of You Can Do It! Education, AUSTRALIA’S FIRST SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL WELLBEING program for promoting student well-being and achievement that is being used in over 6,000 schools in Australia, New Zealand, England, and North America.

His book Rationality and the Pursuit of Happiness AND MOST RECENT BOOK, THE HIGH PERFORMANCE MINDSET AT WORK, SCHOOL AND HOME reveals how the principles of rational living identified by Albert Ellis AND SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING can be used by anyone to achieve lifelong happiness. HIS BOOKS reveal the principles of rational living and psychological skills that when put into practice can consistently increase levels of personal happiness. It also offers insights into how EVERYONE CAN reduce the intensity of negative emotions, to increase the frequency of positive emotions and to promote SELF-ACTUALISATION
In this podcast we explore
  1. Self-aware: The key is to accept ourselves just the way we are, avoid self-criticism, and don’t evaluate ourselves self-worth based on what other people think of us
  2. Train ourselves to be as much as humanly possible and not take things too personally.
  3. Self-affirmation: In order to acknowledge the good quality of ourselves, we can try to give positive affirmation to yourself by making list of things you’re good at. “I accept myself no matter what, I mean that’s okay. Bad things could happen, and that’s still okay.”
Guest recommendations
Renegades: Born in the USA
No Time To Die (2021)
Role Model:
Albert Ellis (American Psychologist)
Reformer Piltaes
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Episode 2: Penny Locaso:
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In this episode of Sero Boost: The Happiness Science Insights Podcast, host Lu Ngo is joined by Penny Locaso. Penny is the world’s first Happiness Hacker on a quest to teach 10 million humans by 2025 how to flourish in life.
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